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Health Care

Healthy Travel

A good start to trouble free travel in Kashmir is not to start with the conviction that you will be ill. Thousand of thousand Kashmirie’s live their lives suffering only minor illness, but ,just as anywhere else in the world, there are times when illness does occur and if it happens to you, then there are plenty of well-qualified Indian doctors around. Do not therefore; arm yourself with half the contents of a chemist’s shop. Take only those medicines that have been prescribed especially your doctor for any permanent or temporary complaint- blood pressure tables, for instance, or tablets for heart condones.
A debilitating and all too common indisposition for a tourist is an upset stomach. For stomach –ache diarrhea and vomiting the treat is easy and swift, safe sand sure. It is better to let the body itself deal with these matters but on a holiday time will be precious and such healing may take too long. Take curd and rice and bananas only will a little sugar and a pinch of slat. Drink plenty of water that has been boiled or this known to be pure.

Drinking water in Kashmir.

The State Water Board pipes and pumps drinking water to every houseboat/hotel has passed the necessary laboratory standards and is quite acceptable for drinking. If one is unsure then hotel/houseboat will boil it before filtering it. Many houseboat/hotel owners insist on bottle water rather than drinking straight from tap for immunity reasons.
Many traveler will be wary of the water no matter what the precautions taken and for them there are readily available an assortment of bottled water, “natural water” in plastic containers. The Mineral water will be obtainable in all hotel and restaurants everywhere.

Sensible eating

For the visitor to Kashmir, perhaps the most persistent worry will be whether or not the spices in the food will upset the stomach and, if one does not like curried food, what alternative are there to eat.
If you’re really do not like curry then there are many alternatives available either by asking the tour manager or the hotel reception. There is no need to eat spicy food, ask for boily food. Asking for food of your tiling will not cause any fuss in the kitchens. In Kashmir the spice are bland but exciting and delicious enough to temp the most conservative plate

Kashmiri Food

The variety of food available in Kashmir is extensive. Kashmir has a long standing tradition of catering for “the British” in its varied type of cuisine. Being such legendary place, Kashmir has attracted traveler from all over the world for years and has cater for these differing tastes..
One can eat Chinese-style in many place, including Indian restaurants, which tend to cater for both Chinese and Indian types of food., There are, too, the pizza bars and ,if one must, the fish and chip cafes.

It would be pity, though, to go so far and not experience real Kashmir cooking which is delicious, palatable, digestible and very varied.

A typical Kashmiri meal would consist of dishes made from mutton or chicken, served with rice and bread. Local specialties are things such as Briyani-lamb or chicken cooked together with rice and spice and sometimes topped with fruit and nuts Gustaba is another dish- meatball curry eaten with lops of plain billed rice,. Mutter pannier is cubes of cheese cooked with peas in thick rich gravy. Skewered lamb meal or chicken meat called kebab ,is most popular and eaten a lot when cooking over a camp fire while off trekking

Spatiality around s Kashmir is trout, either caught fresh by sportsmen which have a fishing license or produced commercially for many restaurants. It can be served cu4r5ried- an unusual dish and more delicious than one might think or can be eaten either grilled or fried.

One can eat vegetarian food at many places and your cook attached to houseboat/hotel will prepare vegetarian dished id you desire

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