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Lidder Joy Ride

Start Date End Date Destination Distance
2017-03-16 13:50:58 2017-09-30 Pahalgam 3 Km Approx
II @ III Grade Rapids
500 INR /Person




Lidder Joy Ride is the most popular Ride of white water rafting in kashmir on white waters of lidder river at Pahalgam. It is an introductory ride for beginers. Two qualified guides take care of the boat while as the rafters hold on the ropes and enjoy the adventure of fun and thrill. The ride starts at Yarganpal ( 12 Km before or from Pahalgam ) and finshes at Yaneed bridge after covering 3 km distance approximately. During the ride of white water rafting in kashmir you get wet and there are change rooms for you to change from wet to dry clothes.There are plastic drums on the boat to keep your valuables but it is recommended to leave your valuable like camera and wallet at your car with your dirver who will come down to finishing point to pick you up

Services Inclusion


  • 01 River Guide
  • 01 Assistant River Guide
  • Life Jacket
  • Helment
  • Inflatable Raft
  • Fixed Rescue Boat at three sport on the ride
  • Change Rooms
  • Insurance during ride.


Rafting Tips

Our Services

  • A professional trained Raft Guide
  • An Assistant Raft Guide
  • Helmet
  • Life Jacket
  • An inflatable Raft
  • Change Rooms

People prohibited to raft as per Jk Tourism

  • Children below 12 years of age
  • People with Heart Diseases
  • People suffering from Asthama
  • People who can not fit Life Jacket due to obesity
  • Women in Saree
  • Men in Dhoti

Personal Rafting Gear

  • T-Shirt
  • Shorts (Sarong for women)
  • Golf Cap
  • River Sandals like Tevas
  • A Change of Clothes


Frequently Asked Questions

How Safe is rafting?

If you go with highly reputed commercial white water river raftring operator like Snowman Adventure & Travels who are registered as Adventure Tour Operator with Jammu and Kashmir Tourism Department ,Rafting is as safe as driving your car.Snowman Adventures & Travels makes every effort to provide you with a safe, professional and enjoyable white water triver rafting trip. But due to the nature of the activity, there are inherent risks involved that are beyond the control of any individual or company..Snowman Adventures & Travels has an impeccable safety record . This is due to our planning, delivery of trips, our equipment is of highest quality, and our river guides are trained professionals.

Is there a chance of falling out of raft?
Falling out of raft is a very rear possibility but it is part of the fun and thrill of white water river rafting . You will be wearing high flotation PDF (personal flotation device) more commonly know as a life jacket and helmet.In case of falling out the life jacket will protect you from drowning

What happens if we fall out of raft?
In case you fall out of raft, our professional trained guides on raft will immediately rescue the person in the water by throwing rescue rope to pull you back on the raft.

Will I get wet?
To get wet is part of water rafting fun. We have change room at the finishing point where you can change in your dry wear which you will bring along with you to the river.The change of clothes is supposed to be left on your car which will meet you at finishing point

Should I wear my shoes?
Wearing shoes is not recommended as they can get wet. Wearing of river scandal like Tevas is highly recommended and try to avoid walking around bear foot.

Is water cold?
Yes, the water is cold but it is very refreshing.If you don't want to get wet you can always use a rain coat to protect yourself. You can change to dry gear as soon as you finish your ride by using our facility of change rooms at put out point.

What happens if the raft is punctured?
No worry. As you know each raft has four separate air chamber if one gets punctured it is no problem. You will still be safe

Will there be any Raft Guides on the raft?
There will be two raft guides on each raft to ensure you have a safe ride.

Should I carry my camera, mobile, and wallet with me?
You are advised to leave you valuable with someone behind.Our rafts have got waterproof drums fitted on them which you can use to store your valuable on your own risk and responsibility.

How should we get back here?
You do not need to come to put in point. Your vehicle will pick you up at the finishing point about which our staff at booking counter shall let you know your driver where to meet you.

why are not children below 12 years allowed to raft?
Children below 12 years are not allowed to take a ride by the order of J & K Tourism.

What should we do and not to do while rafting?
Prior to your trip, the rafts guides will brief you about what to do and not to do.

Are there any Discount?
No discounts as the rate is fixed by J & K Tourism.

Who should not take this adventure?
People with heart problems, overweight,people cannot fit life jacket due to obesity, pregnant women, women in sari. people with fear for water.



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